Sunday, September 8, 2013


Thanks again to all that showed up during the casting process this weekend! We were completely blown away by the talent that was presented to us, and choosing a cast was a very difficult decision. It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with everyone, and we cannot wait to begin rehearsals with our new cast this Monday (tomorrow). If you did not make it into the show this time around, please come either audition for "The Wild Party" next weekend or apply for A-team. Or, if you're feeling as excited as we are, do both! Applications for A-team are due on September 23rd. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Anne: Sevan Dulgarian

Margot: Sarah Etkin

Mr. Frank: Alex LaFreniere

Mrs. Frank: Lily Sexton

Mr. Van Daan: Tristan Donahue

Mrs. Van Daan: Mallory Kassoy

Peter: Marco Monroy

Mr. Kraler: Jared Beaulieu

Mr. Dussel: Adam Winograd

Miep: Joy Silvey

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