Saturday, September 8, 2012

CALL BACKS for Spring Awakening!

Thank you to all who came out to auditions!! We had an incredible turn out. Here is the callback list for tomorrow, September 9th. Below the list is the schedule for the day. Please arrive 15 minutes before the time slot you are called for. DO NOT BE LATE. If you are late, you forfeit your callback slot. We will begin at 9 am. After 2:10, we will be calling individuals or pairs that we would like to see again – please have your phone on your person! Once again, thank you to all who auditioned for us. If you do not see your name, we hope you will consider applying for artistic team. Applications can be found in the upper right hand corner of the blog page. For those who would like to play in the orchestral pit, please contact our music director Colleen Peters at

            Meghan Ryan
            Katie Kramer
            Dayna Fisk
Mollie Cook
            Julia Piker
            Meghan Ryan
            Casey May
Tara Smith
Katrina Turner
            Devyn Yurko
            Dayna Fisk
            Emmeline Cordingley
Geehae Moon
            Katherine Lavenue
Hayley Rivlin
Chelsea Thiboutot
Shaelyn McGrory
            Audrey Clark
            Caroline Crimmins
            Katy Geraghty
Annie Healy
Adult Female
            Erin Wholley
            Barbara Kirby
Melissa Mahoney
Mollie Cook

            Mac Leslie
            Ben Finn
Marc Boyd
Phil Rosario
            Mac Leslie
            Kyle Arrington
Luke Baker
Trey Cullen
            Jordan Albert
            Jarrod Stein
            Connor Dennin
Peter Staley
Ronald Vorce
            Peter Vaiknoras
Zac McDermott
Peter Staley
Alan Couture
Ethan Berube
            Ben Hutchins
Jared Beaulieu
Phil Rosario
Mitch Scuzzarella
Luke Baker
Adult Male
            Alexander Stravinski
Peter Staley
Erik Olsen

9:00 -Wendla
9:25 -Wendla and Melchior
9:50 -Melchior
10:10 -Melchior and Moritz
10:20 -Moritz
10:40 -Moritz and Ilse
11:00 -Ilse
11:15 –Adult Male
11:30 -Wendla, Marta, Anna, and Thea
BREAK 12-12:20
12:20 -Marta
12:35 -Wendla, Adult Female
12:55 -Hanschen
1:10 -Hanschen and Ernst
1:35 -Ernst
1:50 -Georg
2:10 and beyond – TBD