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Spring 2013
                  Curtains                                    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern 
                                                                                          Are Dead

Fall 2012
Spring Awakening
Meghan Ryan (Wendla) and Mac Leslie (Melchior)
Alan Couture, Marc Boyd, Mac Leslie, Ron Vorce, Jarrod Stein, Luke Baker

It's the Bitch of Living...

Tara Smith, Meghan Ryan, Hayley Rivlin, Chelsea Thiboutot 

Alan Couture (George) and Erin Wholley (Adult Female)

Alexander Stravensky (Adult Male) and Jarrod Stein (Hanshcen)

We've all got our junk and my junk is you.

Where I go when I go there...

...Touch me just like that...
Now lower down where the sins lie....Where the wind sighs

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All the things he ever lived are left behind

Had a sweetheart on his knees so faithful and adoring.
And he touched me and I let him love me so let that be my story.

Blah Blah Blah Blah...

Those you’ve known
And lost, still walk behind you

Farragut North                                                               

Will Holt, Christie Basinas, Daniel Spector, Mike Giovannuci 

Will Holt (Ben) and Christie Basinas (Ida Horowicz)
Daniel Spector (Stephen Bellamy) and Mike Giovannuci (Paul Zara)

Toney Brown (Tom Duffy) and Daniel Spector

Toney Brown (Tom Duffy) 

Daniel Spector (Stephen) and Liana Gineitis (Molly) 

Spring 2012

A Little Night Music
 Peter Staley (Carl-Magnus), Sam Mandeville (Desiree), Alex Russell (Anne), Kat Buckingham (Charlotte)

Sam Mandeville (Desiree), Jason Mellin (Fredrik)

Liana Gineitis (Petra), Luke Baker (Henrik)
Peter Staley (Count Carl-Magnus Malcom)

Hanna Szydlo, Sam Mandeville, Audrey Clark

Tara Smith (Mme. Armfelt), Daniel Spector (Frid)

House of Blue Leaves

Ryan Marchant (Artie) and Erin Wholley (Bunny)

Alex Karkos (Corinna), Sophie Kaner (Head Nun), Marielle O'Malley (Second Nun), Anna Meehan (Little Nun)
THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES- Ryan Marchant (Artie), Christie Basinas (Bananas)
Erin Wholley (Bunny), Ryan Marchant (Artie), Christie Basinas (Bananas)

Daniel Dovev (Military Policeman) and Mac Leslie (Ronnie)

Erin Wholley (Bananas) and Patrick Bruce (Nurse)
Mac Leslie (Ronnie), Ryan Marchant (Artie), and Erin Wholley (Bananas)

Ryan Marchant (Artie), Stefano Perti (Billy)

Anna Meehan (Little Nun)

Stefano Perti (Billy)

Fall 2011
Almost, Maine

Mike Giovanucci (Randy) and Peter Staley (Chad)
Ryan Marchant (Daniel) and Marielle O'Malley (Hope)
Daniel Cuff (Dave)and Alex Karkos (Gayle)
Marielle O'Malley (Glory)and Mike Giovanucci (East)
Shailee Shah (Marvalyn) and Elliot Sicard (Steve)
 Kate Jones (Marcy) Ryan Moore (Phil)
 Peter Staley (Jimmy), Alex Karkos (Sandrine), Beth Cody (Villian)

Children of Eden
Lisa Bettencourt (Eve), Melissa Ennulat, Ian Olney, Liana Gineitis, Misael Figueroa, Shaelyn McGrory

Luke Baker (Cain) and Ethan Berube (Abel)

 Luke Baker (Cain) and Elliot Bruce (Adam)

Hayley Rivlin (Aphra) and Peter Vaiknoras (Ham)

Hayley Rivlin (Aphra) and Peter Vaiknoras (Ham)

Megan Cooke (Aysha) and Will Healy (Shem)

Lisa Bettencourt

Emily Henriksen (Mama, Luke Baker (Japeth), Alan Couture (Noah), Dayna Fisk (Jonah)

Spring 2011
Death of a Salesman 


Fall 2010
               Company                                                                                        Noises Off                                                                                          

Spring 2010

                           Rent                                                         Rock 'N' Roll

Fall 2009

                 Sweeney Todd                                                  The Laramie Project