Sunday, September 9, 2012


Thank you so much to everyone who came to audition!! We had some difficult choices to make, but we have a cast list for Spring Awakening! Congratulations to all! The first rehearsal will be this upcoming Tuesday at 6:30 in Bartlett 301. For those of you who would like to continue involvement with the Guild, please feel free to audition for our play Farragut North next weekend, September 14th at 7pm and September 15th at 1 and 7. Also for those who have expressed interest in artistic team positions, please fill out an application and email our producer Dan (or for the play, Joy) at If you are interested in playing for the pit, please contact our music director Colleen Peterson at for information on audition times. Again, thank you and congratulations to all involved!

Wendla - Meghan Ryan
Martha - Tara Smith
Thea - Hayley Rivlin
Anna - Chelsea Thiboutot
Ilse - Dayna Fisk
Melchoir - Mac Leslie
Moritz - Marc Boyd
Hanschen - Conor Dennin
Ernst - Luke Baker
Georg - Alan Couture
Otto - Ronald Vorce
A. Woman - Erin Wholley
A. Man - Alex Stravinski

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